The Sense of an Ending

Screen Writing

I had the opportunity to screen this thought provoking film last week.  I do not want to say too much at this times since I have assigned it to my film study group when it comes out on general release.

The film requires patience from the viewer.  Director Ritesh Batra [The Lunchbox] develops his characters and story slowly.  Jim Broadbent and Harriet Walker play a divorced couple who at tiems are still best friends.  Broadbent’s role is at times very similar to Tom Courtenay in to 45 Years .  He receives a letter that reopens the memories of a former flame and friend.  He talks to his ex who is astonished that he never once told her about this relationship while they were married.  The similarity stops there.  Charlotte Rampling from 45 Years plays the former flame and shows up for the last third of the film.  There are a number of twists and surprises which help make this an enjoyable film at the end.

More to come…

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  1. If you haven’t read the book, do so. It is short and powerful and leaves you with a lot to think about, but then again Julian Barnes is rather iconoclastic. I’ll look forward to the film. pjh

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