Paris Can Wait (2016)

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Premiering last Summer at the Toronto International Film Festival, the pleasant fluff Paris Can Wait finally made it to Chicago last Friday.  Octogenarian director Eleanor Coppola {Francis’s wife] was present for a pre-screening reception and post viewing discussion.  Coppola becomes the oldest American director to make a debut feature film.  Her prior efforts have focused on documentaries.  The movie is a melding of a travelogue – sightseeing-food tasting-almost love affair.

This is a very light but pleasant offering.  It features fantastic photography of the French scenery and superb presentation of the food at gourmet restaurants that make you want to taste each platter.  The film does not attempt to go deeply into anything weighty.  It is a three day escape for a trip that should have taken 6 hours.  Diane Lane is perfectly cast and Arnaud Viad portrayal of a French womanizer is right on the mark.  Someone mentioned that this would be a perfect movie to watch at home with a significant other, a bottle of wine and some brie-en-croute.  You never believe that Lane will give in but it is clear that she enjoys the attention and is wondering how much fun it might be to stray just once.  But the strength of her love for her husband wins out easily.

I would not expect much distribution but maybe it will hit cable and you can partake.

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  1. See it now! Can't write, right now. But,if a Chicagoan, don't miss The FOUNDER, Michael Keaton, as Ray Kroc, franchise & realty genius. See how, @ age 52, he turned a 15¢ burger into a $29,000,000,000 bonanza, just last year's revenue!

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