Megan Leavey

Screen Writing

It is always more difficult to analyze a film based upon a true story.  One never knows which parts are real and which are cinematic license.  Megan Leavey starring Kate Mara is the story of a Marine corporal and her bomb sniffing dog Rex.  Both start out raw and have difficulty dealing with people. Together they mature and learn to love.  Their”Gunny” is played by rapper Common.  He is excellent.  Under the direction of Gabriela Cowperthwaite the film keeps a good balance between its focus on human and dog.  It is no surprise that they both get hurt in Iraq, but watching them both go through mental healing is something I have not seen before.  The ending is also predictable.  But none of that expectation seems to matter.  You fear for their safety on missions, you feel warmth from their bonding and regardless of age you cannot help but look inside yourself as they both come of age, and feel pride at the closing.  Camera work keeps the viewer focused throughout.  Nothing flashy but like the protagonists steady and alert.  This is not an over the top film and most likely will not win any awards.  But it is a film worth making and definitely worth seeing.

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