Radio Dreams in the darkness

Normally I would not bother to write about a film such as this because I found it so lacking.  But I feel compelled to comment after seeing the “rave” review numbers the pros are awarding.  It was one of the worst movies I have seen in at least a decade.  I do not know the… Continue Reading

The Journey to peace

In October 2006, at St. Andrews in Scotland, Britain, the Irish Republic and Northern Irish parties — including the Democratic Unionist Party (the D.U.P.) and Sinn Fein — negotiated what was called the St. Andrews Agreement, a power-sharing pact between Unionists and Irish republicans.  The Journey focuses on two of those gathered to try and… Continue Reading

The Midwife [ Sage Femme] delivers

“Not much happens in The Midwife, but its depth and texture make this a moving film.” Cath Clarke,TimeOut London , July, 2017. I concur that the film has great depth and texture but I disagree that “nothing happens”. It does not take a lot of action for things to happen in people’s lives. Above all… Continue Reading

Beatriz at Dinner – A Chesire Cat that uses her fangs.

Beatriz at Dinner highlights the extreme clash of values existing in America today.Beatriz, played by Selma Hayek is a massage therapist whose car breaks down resulting in her client inviting her to stay for dinner. The client’s guests that evening include a rich, arrogant real estate developer (John Lithgow). The cultural and financial divide between… Continue Reading

Megan Leavey

It is always more difficult to analyze a film based upon a true story.  One never knows which parts are real and which are cinematic license.  Megan Leavey starring Kate Mara is the story of a Marine corporal and her bomb sniffing dog Rex.  Both start out raw and have difficulty dealing with people. Together… Continue Reading

Wings (1927) – An exhilarating experience

The first film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture Production was William Wellman’s Wings in 1927.  It took 83 years until another silent film won the best picture award –The Artist (2012).  I had the honor to see a screening of a restored version of Wings today at the Music Box Theatre in… Continue Reading

Someone please rescue “The Zookeepers Wife”!

The Righteous Among the Nations are non-Jewish invididuals who have been honored by Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust memorial, for risking their lives to aid Jews during the Holocaust. Two such people are Antonina and Jan Żabiński, married Polish zookeepers who saved over 300 Jews during their country’s Nazi occupation.  The new film, The Zookeepers Wife,… Continue Reading

Their Finest

I got to see a screening of “Their Finest” at the Chicago European Union Film Festival yesterday.  Perhaps because I am deep down still a Brit, I wrapped myself into its cozy, delectable blanket.  However, the American audience that i joined also thoroughly enjoyed the viewing. Smiles were on their faces as they left the… Continue Reading

Paris Can Wait (2016)

Premiering last Summer at the Toronto International Film Festival, the pleasant fluff Paris Can Wait finally made it to Chicago last Friday.  Octogenarian director Eleanor Coppola {Francis’s wife] was present for a pre-screening reception and post viewing discussion.  Coppola becomes the oldest American director to make a debut feature film.  Her prior efforts have focused… Continue Reading

Tell No One (2006)

This weekend I watched one of my favorite films, Tell No One (Ne le dis à personne) .  Based upon a novel by American writer Harlan Coben, the movie takes place in France whereas the book’s story occurred in New York.  The transfer of location helps add to the story.  I write about this film… Continue Reading