Film Festival Coverage

Updates from Bob Moss from the 2016 Film Festivals.

CIFF – The “Hugos” controversial but jury limited.

There was much controversy over the International Competition’s jury selection of Sieranevada as Best Picture and Best Director recipients.  Many pointed to other films that they regarded as being far superior.  However, the jury is limited in its choice to those films that enter the competition and the majority of those other films elected not… Continue Reading

CIFF – Two Should Have Stayed Home

There were two films shown at the Chicago International Film Festival that were extremely artisitic in their cinematography and metaphorical usage but totally failed as a meaningful films – The Daughter orig. La Hija from Argentina and Crosscurrent orig. Chang jiang tu from China.  I stayed after each viewing to listen to the directors explain… Continue Reading

CIFF – The Handmaiden

Sensually mesmerizing, intricate suspense with many twists, and a number of sub-plots make this Korean film a true study in the art of film.  Camerawork and lighting combine to provide a lavish beauty. The story is presented in 3 books and differs at times from “Fingersmith” the Sarah Waters book which is the source material. … Continue Reading

Chicago International Film festival is now open – Book drawing

I am really geared up for the Chicago International Film Festival (CIFF) Oct. 13 – 27   (T) #chifilmfest (F) chicagofilm festival. I have tickets for 20 films.  I will not post on all but will try and take a representative sampling and discuss the film elements.  Attendees, get more out of the festival offerings by… Continue Reading